The NSA still wants to pass CISPA. We won't let them.

CISPA is a law that would give the NSA even more access to our data and let big corporations off the hook when they violate our privacy. It's headed for the Senate again -- the Internet needs your help.

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Big Tech and the NSA both want to pass CISPA. And that should scare you.

Recent news reports reveal that the NSA has been pressuring their most powerful defenders in Congress to reintroduce CISPA -- the Cyber Intelligence Sharing & Protection Act. This bill would allow corporations to share our private data with the government more easily, and with complete legal immunity. No wonder NSA chief Keith Alexander has been begging Congress to pass a CISPA bill, and the trade groups led by Google and other tech giants are on board.

At a time when opinion polls and growing dissent show that the public is overwhelmingly opposed to broader government surveillance, anti-privacy members of Congress seem determined to give the NSA and big tech companies what they want, even if it means trampling our rights in the process.

We need to stop CISPA for good this time. We stalled it in the Senate earlier this year, but now Senators Dianne Feinstein and Saxby Chambliss are planning to introduce the Senate version of the bill any day now. Just like last time, they'll claim that the privacy concerns have been addressed, even though they've refused to make changes suggested by civil liberties groups. Let's make this the last time they try anything like CISPA. Sign and share the petition now.

What's wrong with CISPA? (in as few words as possible)

As it's written in the version that passed the House, CISPA won't protect us from cyber threats, but it will violate our 4th Amendment right to privacy.

  • The NSA wants it badly, because it will give them more access to your data, and give companies immunity for legally shaky programs like PRISM: (read more)

  • It lets the government spy on you without a warrant. (read more)

  • It makes it so you can’t even find out about it after the fact. (read more)

  • It makes it so companies can’t be sued when they do illegal things with your data. (read more)

  • It allows corporations to cyber-attack each other and individuals outside of the law. (read more)

  • It makes every privacy policy on the web a moot point, and violates the 4th amendment. (read more)

UPDATE! IDL launched the 'Cat Signal' on March 20th, over 30K sites participated including Reddit, Craigslist, and Duck Duck Go. Press Release.

A phone call is worth 100 petition signatures...

CISPA is an urgent threat. We've heard that Congress will be attempting to push it to a floor vote as soon as they return from recess. Last year, CISPA rushed through the house before anyone had time to react. We can't let that happen again. The risks are too great.

Can you pick up the phone right now and call your Congressperson? We need to make sure that every member of Congress hears from their constituency that CISPA is not an option, and voting for it would be a big mistake.

We made this handy tool that lets you find your Congresspersons' phone numbers with just one click. Hit the button below and try it out!

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Which companies will really go to bat for you?

The companies and organizations below have proven their true commitment to user privacy by vocally opposing CISPA. How legit is that? These companies are actually saying, “We want to be sued if we do something illegal with your data.” That’s how you know they are actually taking your privacy seriously. If Google, Twitter, and Facebook are ready to walk the walk, they’ll join this list!




Cheezburger, Inc.


Duck Duck Go

Entertainment Consumers Association

Floor 64


Girardin Development




New York Tech Meetup

Private Internet Access




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Infographic: CISPA is NOT dead. Here's why...

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Infographic: CISPA is NOT Dead!